Do you Really Need Virtual Tours for your Business

Do you Really Need Virtual Tours for your Business

One thing to take in consideration is that home owners usually don’t have their carpets clean more then a couple of times per year so it might take a bigger cliental of home owners to reach the same profit as someone cleaning only a few offices. Office/businesses usually have their carpets clean much more frequently since there is more foot traffic in these places and they need to keep a nice, fresh appearance for their customers.

J.C. Aimetta is a consultant to more than 65 small and medium family owned businesses, and a negotiator in family conflicts and in the sale of family owned businesses. He is also a professor on the subject in graduate and post graduate courses in 3 Argentine universities, and has given conferences in Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Autologica presents the fifth part in a series of articles that address some of the common problems and situations that arise in family owned businesses. The articles are based on an interview between Al McClymont, CEO of Autologica Dealer Management Systems, and J.C. Aimetta, an expert and coach who specializes in family owned businesses and who has ample experience consulting for this type of company.

Although some of them may be strict, not everyone can be accepted, they do this to protect their integrity. Applicants must be qualified or referred. Once accepted, they provide virtual office, complete with business tools, training and technical support. There are also business coaches who have a wide experience and vast knowledge when it comes to business. They will lead you to the road of success. This is specially designed to guide and help those who have an online business to become successful regardless of their education and background in business.

“The Last Mile” is a phrase developed to describe the difficulty of getting broadband Internet service into homes and businesses. Delivering technology to the end user in our market represents a similar challenge. According to “e Commerce in the Canadian Aftermarket,” a 2003 report funded by AIA Canada, interview and focus group discussions indicate that lack of participation among installers could be a barrier to achieving e commerce goals within the aftermarket.

Advertising for a carpet cleaning business is really not a big deal. As long as you provide a professional service and do a great job for each of your clients the word will spread like a wildfire, you will have more then enough clients seeking you out for your services. Of course when you are just starting out you will need to do some advertising like send out some postcards, set up some flyers, hand out business cards and soon you will be receiving calls for your service. Before you know it your bank account will be filling up with a very nice income which will continue to grow as you get new clients.

Technology has been changing so quickly in the last 20 years that nontech companies have found themselves challenged to keep up. When business strategy and technology come together, you often have mature, experienced business managers who lack an understanding of technology interacting with younger IT people who understand the technology, but not the business uses. Communication between the two can be difficult at best.